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Similar to flashlights used by elite military units, the Bell & Howell Tac Light can do things no ordinary flashlight can do.

Our military-grade Tac Light is 22 times brighter than a ordinary flashlight! It’s so bright, it can be seen up to two nautical miles away. And if that something that goes bump in the night turns out to be someone? Only a Tac Light has a super-bright strobe that can stun and disorient would be attackers.

A car battery will stop working in sub-zero temperatures. But even getting frozen in a block of ice couldn’t make our Tac Light stop working. And it’ll keep working when fully submerged in water. Even 212 degree boiling water! It’s tough enough to survive getting run over by a Humvee. Try that with a regular flashlight!

Compact and lightweight, it goes where you go. So you can feel safe in dark places at night. Or just have the right light for emergency situations. And there’s never been a better choice for camping, fishing or hunting. There’s just nothing like it on the market today

Tactical flashlights of this quality are selling right now for $60 or more. But Bell & Howell has slashed THEIR price to just $19.99 … and they’ll even ship it to you FREE! Plus, every Tac Light comes with a lifetime guarantee. And that’s not all! Order today and you can get a second Tac Light, just pay a separate fee You can get TWO Bell & Howell Tac Lights backed by a lifetime guarantee for the amazing price of just $19.99 – and get FREE shipping!

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Today you can buy the Tac Light for only $19.99 + $6.95 processing & handling, and we'll TRIPLE your offer and send you 2 more Tac Lights, absolutely FREE! We'll also include a 10 year warranty.

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A $10 shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from AK/HI. A $20 shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from PR. You may also call 1-800-671-6612 to place an order.

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